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SongsToCD Version History

May 02, 2007 Version 2.7.4
1/3/2009 - Posted version with an improved Burner ID Wizard. Also added support for "Optimum" CD burner speed and better installation support under Windows Vista.
- Minor fix in ASPI driver initialization code. This bug would cause certain installations of SongsToCD to fail when the program was started with a "ASPI Initialization" error.
- Rewrote Player for compatibility with Windows Vista.

May 01, 2007 Version 2.7.3
- Added partial support for Windows Vista.
- Updated the Burner ID Wizard for compatibility with Vista.
- Windows Vista Only - The preview player will not play most audio files. We are working on a fix and hope to have it released before the end of the year. The fixed version will be supplied at no charge to all registered users with a purchase date of 5/1/2007 or later.

Jan 01, 2007 Version 2.7.1
- Added support for Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. WMA Files are automatically converted to the proper format for burning to an Audio CD or are burned as-is to a MP3 disc.
- Added 320 Kbps to available MP3 bitrates in Ripper. This bitrate produces excellent quality MP3 files but you should be aware that it also produces significantly larger files.
- Revised Labeler to use default printer and to make the printing process more easily understood.
- Setup program now incorporates the Burner ID Wizard.

Jun 01, 2005 Version 2.6
- Adds support for many new CD/DVD burners.
- Now supports the Triton Interactive Burner Identification Wizard to allow you to select a compatible burner for all of your unrecognized drives. The Burner ID Wizard can be downloaded from:

May 26, 2004 Version 2.5
- Added support for dragging files from the Windows Explorer or My Computer screens onto the SongsToCD window.
- Added an option to remove the two second gap between audio tracks when you make an audio CD. Previously all songs would have a two second gap between them.
- Added an option to preserve the order of your playlist when you create an MP3 disc. Previously all tracks would be sorted alphabetically before they were burned to disc. We have added a number to the beginning of the track title that will sort in the same order as the playlist is arranged.
- Added code to prompt you to save changes to your playlist.
- Added file renaming to the Song list. Previously you could only rename files from the File list.
- Modified the "Search For Songs..." screen to give users a better idea of where SongsToCD would be searching for songs. Also added two new options to control where "not" to look for songs. The search process always includes your ripper destination folders in its search.
- Fixed a bug where the disc name was always set to "QuickBurned".
- Fixed a bug where the Files list and the Song list could end up containing two copies of the same file.
- Fixed a bug where the wrong name was used for CD-Text track names when you made an Audio CD.

Feb 03, 2004 Version 2.3
- Added a simplified version of our new CD Label Maker product. When you've finished burning a CD, just click on the new "label" button on the toolbar to open up the Label Maker screen. The layout options allow you to configure the Background Art, the Disc Title, and the Track List. Your CD Background Art can be changed to any color OR you can use any JPG picture that you have on your computer. The Title can be any length you want, and the track list is automatically populated with the contents of your current SongsToCD SongList.

Nov 17, 2003 Version 2.2
- Added support for many new drives.

Jul 27, 2003 Version 2.1
- Added the ability to create MP3 data discs that will play in any specially designed MP3 players. Most new CD players and almost all DVD players are capable of playing MP3 discs. Look for a special MP3 capable designation on your players. Look for the "Disc Type" options directly over the song list.
- Added the option to select from all of the available burners found in your computer. Those owners with more than one CD burner can now select which burner they would like to use instead of just the first burner that SongsToCD detects. The CD Burner selection is found on the Burn CD screen.
- Added support for many new drives. See our compatibility list at

Jan 03, 2003 Version 2.0
- Ripper can now rip CD tracks into 96, 128, and 192 kbps MP3 files.
- CD-Text information is burned to the disc. You'll need a CD-Text capable player to see it.
- Better status messages are given while burning a disc.
- A help file has been added.
- Overlength Song Lists were not being detected causing errors while burning.

Dec 26, 2002 Version 1.25
- MP3 file sizes are even more correctly calculated. :)
- Better filtering of invalid format WAV files.
- Total play/burn list length now includes the inter-track gaps.
- New style toolbar has text captions to make it easier to identify what each button does.
- The interface screen is resizable allowing you to see more files at a time.
- Files list can be sorted by Name, Size, and Location.
- New Button images.

Jan 01, 2002 Version 1.20
- Improved Ripper. The new ripper features an improved modeless interface. You can select tracks for ripping, start the rip, and return to the main interface to continue editing your playlist.
- Fixed display of available burner speeds. The speeds available for selection were not always the same speeds supported by the burner.
- Fixed length calculation of MP3 files. Certain MP3 files were being mis-reported as being much longer than they actually were. This mostly affected MP3 files encoded at bit rates greater than 128kbps.

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