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PicsToCD Version History

May 01, 2007 Version 2.2.2
- This version uses the latest version of the Burner Id Wizard and is otherwise it is identical to version 2.2.1.

Feb 01, 2007 Version 2.2.1
- This version is now compatible with Windows Vista. Otherwise it is identical to previous version.

Nov 01, 2005 Version 2.2
- Added support for accessing Digital Cameras using the TWAIN driver system. If you have your camera's TWAIN drivers installed, then you will be able to import your pictures directly from the PicsToCD Import Pictures screen.
- Modified the program to allow for multiple search paths in the Search for Pictures screen.
- Added support for many newer models of CD and DVD burners. In addition to this support we have modified the program to work with the new Burner Identification Wizard that is provided in the setup program. The Burner ID Wizard will allow you to select a compatible CD burner for any unrecognized burners that may be installed in your computer.

Oct 23, 2003 Version 2.1
- Added support for many newer models of CD and DVD burners.

Jun 24, 2003 Version 2.0
- You may now create multiple albums on a disc. When the program asks you to insert a disc you may insert a disc that contains an existing picture album. The new album will be created on the disc and a "master" index page will allow you to select from any of the albums on the disc. This feature will only work with albums created with version 2.0 of the software.
NOTE: This feature can be disabled from the Advanced Options screen (see Advanced Options in the help file).
- We have added a "visual selection" screen as an alternate method of selecting pictures to include in your album. You can switch back and forth between the standard selection list and the new Visual Select screen at will.
- PicsToCD will now offer you the opportunity to save an "album in progress" if you need to "Cancel" before completing your album. Once saved, the album can be reloaded when you next start PicsToCD.
- If you have multiple CD burners installed in your computer, you can now select which burner to use to create your album. The selection is provided on the Create CD Picture Album screen.
NOTE: PicsToCD attempts to determine the drive letter that Windows has assigned to each burner. If the drive letter shown in the selection list is not correct please see Advanced Options in the help file for instructions on how to assign the correct letter.

Oct 28, 2002 Version 1.36
- A new option in the Search for Pictures step... The new option allows you to ignore pictures found in your Internet Browser's image cache. This will speed up searches for those people who are searching their entire computer for pictures but don't want to find all of the thousands of digital images that these caches can contain.
- Browsing the completed CD Picture Album is now much faster. PicsToCD is now automatically creating "thumbnails" of all pictures that you add to your album. These smaller images are stored on the CD in the thumbs directory.
- Support was added for many new CD burners. If you are thinking of buying a new CD burner please check the compatibility page at to see if the model you are planning on buying is on the list.
- Adjustable writing speed (new in version 1.30) You can now select a lower writing speed to take advantage of slower media. Remember. Don't select a writing speed that is higher than the rated speed of your media.

Jan 02, 2002 Version 1.20
- You can now add captions to your pictures. Captions will be displayed in your CD Picture Album.
- Preview function lets you see your album before you burn it to CD.
- Improved HTML album presentation includes an Auto-Running Pop-up Slide Show.
- Better support for CD-RW disks. The program will give you an opportunity to erase any disk you'd like to re-use for a CD Picture Album.
- Improved support for Kodak picture disks and Sony Mavica 3.5" disks. Automatically handles pictures that have identical names.

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