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Update Registered Email Address

All contact with customers is through their registered email address. If your email address changes you will not receive notices of updates. This page will let you change your registered email address so that we can keep in contact with you.
To change your registered email address you will need to enter your current registered email address, the order number from one of your registered products, and your new email address. Be sure that is added to your approved senders list on the new email address.

Your "registered email address " is the one that you supplied when you last purchased a product license. It will be shown in your payment receipt.
Your "order number " can also be found in your payment receipt. If you used DigiBuy it is called the Order Number. If you used PayPal than this will be called the Item/Product Number. If you used RegNow it is called the RegNow OrderID.

Registered Email Address
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New Email Address
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